Sunday, September 16, 2007

Another Victim : A female who was arrested from Cyber Crime Law (for Criticizing the Thai King)

As of now, Pichai was released upon bail but we have not heard about another female prisoner of Cyber Crime Law (for insulting the Thai King in the chat room). There was an attempt to help this woman who was arrest by 20 Thai police at her house while sleeping in the middle of the night. From Prachatai news, Ms. Chiranuch Premchaiporn, a manager of Prachatai website is one of only a few people who have paid a visit to this female victim. From the report, Mr.Chiranuch said that this female victim has been in poor health and was unable to bail herself out of the prison because she did not have sufficient collateral. Up until now, the concerned Thai netizen are still trying to raise fund to help her.

Here’s a link to the news .

It looks as though we are not living in a good old Thailand but are evolving toward the North Korean’s totalitarianism. There’s no free country where people who criticize the leader would be abducted by 20 secret police in the middle of the night.