Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lastest Update: Praya Pichai gets bail.

Thai News from Prachatai front page says that Pichai now is granted bail and leaves the Special Bangkok Jail today (on Sep 6).

He is facing a charge of violating the 14th Act of Cyber Crime Law 1) Spread the false information in cyberspace that causes damage to other people, general public 2) Spread the false information that could affect the stability of the country and cause the fear for general public. Each charge could result in either 5 years in prison or 100,000 baht fine or both.

At least we have a good news that he is still all right.

Blogger reportedly held under new computer crime law

05 September 2007

Reporters Without Borders voiced concern today about the reported detention of a Thai blogger for the past 12 days under the new Computer Crime Act, which took effect on 18 July.

"We call on the information and communications technology ministry to take an official position on this arrest, which would be the first of its kind since the adoption of the Computer Crime Act," the press freedom organisation said. "It confirms our fears about the dangers of a law that is supposed to combat pornography but turns out to be a way of restricting and controlling press freedom."

The website site ( quotes a "reliable source" as saying a 36-year-old computer programmer was arrested because of comments posted anonymously on web forums. The offending post appears to have been one deemed "critical of the monarchy." After being held for six days at the Police Crime Suppression Division office, he was reportedly transferred to a Bangkok prison on 30 August.

The Computer Crime Act allows the police to seize computer files from people suspected of circulating insulting or pornographic messages. Information and communications technology ministry spokesman Vissanu Meeyoo said at the time its aim was "to prevent the owners of computers from transmitting pornographic content or libellous messages.